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Benefits of Using Enterprise Video Streaming

Thinking of investing in a media platform for enterprise video streaming? With the rise in popularity of online video sites such as YouTube, Vimeo, and others, your employees are well accustomed to searching for, finding, and sharing information via online video. In addition, many likely have participated in webinars, video chats, and other forms of live video interactions. Not only is your team accustomed to using video off the job, it may be ready to use it on the job. By bringing video technology to your enterprise, your company could experience numerous benefits. Below are just a few of the many benefits of using enterprise video streaming.

Keep Your Executive Team Informed

Enterprise video streaming is highly secure, allowing you to distribute videos or hold live video chats with specific people only. With an enterprise media platform, you do not need to worry about posting confidential videos on a public platform. Keep your executive team informed by holding private video conferences or sending “for your eyes only” videos.

Enhance Your Team’s Knowledge

Share best practices, conduct video training, or hold live video workshops with your team using video streaming. Whether you want to bring in a professional trainer and record the session for wider distribution or conduct live video training sessions throughout your office, being able to see and hear one another adds an important dynamic to any training session.

Get New-hires Up to Speed Quickly and Consistently

Whether you have a distributed workforce or want to provide future employees with the same introductory training, orientation, and welcome, using video streaming is a terrific choice. With the right enterprise video platform, you can create an entire library of “welcome to our company” videos that your new hires can view. Since each new hire receives the same initial instructions in the same manner, their experiences are

The Technology Behind Streaming Videos

Streaming videos online may be one of the most common uses of the internet. Whether streaming movies, watching YouTube videos, skimming through Vine clips, or using any other form of streaming media, the average internet user spends an incredible amount of time watching streaming media. To put this in perspective, 6 billion hours of YouTube video are watched by users per month. 100 million internet surfers watch streaming media every single day, and if you were to watch all of the video content transmitted by the internet in 1 month, it would take you 5 million years.

If you were to ask the average internet user to define streaming video, you would probably get a confused answer. Something along the lines of, “video that just comes off the internet without having to download it” would be the best answer you might get, unless you ask an IT professional. And to a certain extent, this definition is correct.

One way of watching media on your computer is by downloading and then playing it once it has been downloaded in its entirety. All of the data is on your computer, which you can save, allowing you to watch at any time without an internet connection. Streaming video is watching the media as a constant stream of data that plays as soon as it reaches your device. The data flows constantly, and if the internet connection is disrupted, the data will stop and the media will be halted until the connection is stable again.

When streaming media first became a technical possibility, it took a long time for internet users to watch or listen to anything. The data flow was slow and often it took longer to reach the computer than for it to be played, and the media would load and play in fits

Live Streaming: The Benefits You Have Not Even Thought About

With the advent of the Internet epoch, people have availed the unlimited possibilities. This concerns everything we do, be it education, job advancement, shopping, entertaining, communication and even the relationships. Whatever you plan to do, the World Wide Web is at your disposal 24/7! One of the modern online techniques that have revolutionized the world we live in is live streaming. The option has made it possible to broadcast any activities via the web cameras, smartphones and other devices in order to reach the people you need either for business or personal purposes.

Live streaming has become quite popular nowadays. And it is no wonder, because it helps people reach and communicate with each other irrespective of the country they live in. Furthermore, this online technique may be extremely useful when it comes to business promotion, presenting online tutorials, making announcements, broadcasting the events happening in your life, studying the behavior of animals living in different corners of the world, communicating with business partners and co-workers etc. Listed below are the major benefits live streaming offers everyone these days:

  1. A Chance to Reach More People

Whether you are planning to broadcast your business presentations and news or wish to make your special life event accessible to other people, you will not go without live streaming. The technique will make it possible for you to reach more people, who cannot be around at the moment. This is very convenient both for you and for them. The thing is that it is not always possible to attend a certain event because of the job or family problems. With live streaming, you can feel a part of the event even if you are not physically present there. But that’s not it! This amazing technique also allows inviting as many people as you need to join

10 Helpful Tips to Select a Webcasting Company for Your Event

Technology and communication are two factors that run the modern world as we know it. When an innovation is made in such a way that the world is connected in one net, the innovation is said to be one of the most convenient and game changing ones. One of the best ways to identify such an innovation is to check whether the system offers comfort and convenience to the users. One such innovation is the advent of webcasting services. These services work on the model of broadcasting of data and the benefit is that the casting may be done in real-time or whenever it the organizers wish to webcast it, with the option of casting the data to any part of the world. However, it is important to make sure that the right agency for the webcasting services is chosen.

  1. In the course of selecting an agency, it is important that the company has a large base of work. Webcasting companies should be able to manage the casting to make it available anywhere in the world.
  2. The infrastructure that the company holds should be able to match up to the international standard, so that the casting is impeccable and a pleasure to watch.
  3. It is important that the webcasting services have a technical backing, in terms of servers and technical infrastructure.
  4. It is also important to know if the company that provides webcasting has the means to stream a live webcast, so that the option of inclusion for the rest of the world may be made into a possibility.
  5. Add on services such as being able to incorporate the use of voting instruments or communication devices; make a huge difference in the provision of webcasting services.
  6. A good company can also be identified by learning about the kind of experience the front runners of the

What Type of Live Streamer Are You?

At first, I got offended. After all, their point was valid. People can just jump on live stream and have a good time. It breaks up the boredom and monotony of our lives because with the push of a button we can go live and have 1 to 101 people in our kitchen while we make dinner.

It’s magical really. And here I am taking it so seriously and sucking the fun out of it. But am I?

A friend told me he wanted to start a show and asked me to help him. I got to thinking about what it takes to start a Live Stream Show. Live streaming is becoming main stream and has begun to attract so much attention that it’s changing the face of how we do business both in real time and in social media.

I came to the conclusion that a Live Stream Show is vastly different than streaming from your kitchen while you cook. Some of these things need to be defined and explained since live streaming is coming to the forefront. Here are the four primary definitions for four types of Live Streamers you’ll be in the ocean with if you get on Periscope, Meerkat, YouNow, UStream, YouTube Livestream or any of the many live stream apps available today.


SHARK STREAMERS – Famous personalities who want to connect with their audience on a personal level. These are the streams that usually make it into the trending lists or are featured because they and visibility for thousands of watchers and viewers. This is good for the app, the famous person and the viewer. Everybody wins. Those viewers come from an established following and it doesn’t take work or need building. All the famous person does is hit ‘go live’

What You Need to Know About Scope Freak

One of the hottest trends in social media these days is live-streaming. There have been several sites and software featuring live-streaming services before, but they only gained much more attention upon the advent of mobile devices. Periscope leads the pack of mobile apps offering primarily live-streaming services. It is considered a game-changer in the social media field because unlike other social media sites, Periscope gained a million of users in just a short period of time. It is widely used as evidenced by the bulk of streamed videos being watched in one day – more or less 40 million minutes. But there are certain limitations to this app and that’s where Scope Freak comes in to help.

Scope Freak is a desktop software tool designed for Periscope streams. This one-of-a-kind software tool was launched on December 28, 2015. It is intended to assist online marketers in their video advertising pursuits.

Ali G and Marcus Lim are the authors of this software tool. They are the same team who brought Social Interest Freak and Social Lead Freak to numerous online marketers who want to gain an edge in their social media marketing pursuits. Ali G also created other efficient web marketing tools such as 1st Place Penguin, Forum Fortunes, WP Mobile Assault, WP Time Trigger and WP Video Commando.

How to Use the Program
Upon the purchase of the software, it can be installed on computers. It is highly compatible; in fact, it works on MacBook, laptop and desktop computers.

You just need to sign up for a free account once the program is installed. The interface of this program is pretty straightforward too; you just need to follow four simple steps to save livestreams.

The first step is to insert the streamed video’s URL. Second, choose the destination folder for the downloaded video.

Making Your Own YouTube Channel

The procedure for building up your own particular YouTube channel takes only a couple of minutes. You’ll then need to alter the channel by modifying a modest bunch of choices, transferring your photograph or logo, and connecting your channel with your other online long range informal communication accounts, as Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

To begin with, you have to make your free Google account. In case you’re beginning a channel for your business, set up a different Google/YouTube account starting with no outside help, utilizing a one of a kind and non personal email address. That way another person from inside your association can run the channel without you giving out your own Google account username and secret word. Remember, one and only YouTube channel can be connected with every Google account.

At present, there’s no such thing as a particular business record or YouTube channel for organizations. So you’ll have to tweak a standard YouTube channel’s settings with the goal that it best takes into account your crowd and showcases your business, its picture and mark, and your recordings.

Change Your Google Account into a YouTube Channel

Utilizing your Google account (which likewise serves as your YouTube represent watching recordings), you can without much of a stretch build up and redo your own channel, and after that populate it with your own particular recordings. Take after these progressions to make a free YouTube channel once you have a legitimate Google account set up.

1. Access http://www.youtube.com, and sign in utilizing your Google account username and secret word. The fundamental YouTube home screen will be shown.

2. Close to the upper-right corner of the screen, you’ll see your record profile picture. Click on it to uncover the Google Account Menu, which will likewise be shown close to the upper right corner of the screen.

3. Click on

E-Commerce Summer Trends or What to Sell During Holidays

Summer and holidays are coming and all professional merchants know this period has a lot of peculiarities. On one hand, there are many threats to have fewer sales, but on the other hand, there are a lot of opportunities to sell more when all the summer sales peculiarities are considered and an online store is prepared. Let’s review the main trends and possible activities that can help to make e-commerce business more successful in summer.

Definitely popular summer products

Summer is a vacation season and a beautiful time for active travels. It is not so difficult to make the list of popular products that everyone will definitely search for and buy. You can use this information to expand the product range, if you need it. If you can’t add such products to sell them in your online store, it is possible to consider the e-platforms with popular products for your online store promotion. Such e-platforms will have good traffic during summertime and well-planned marketing campaigns will be fruitful.

There is a product list overview:

Tickets and hotels. This is obvious and there is not much to explain. People need tickets and hotels to organize travelling. Some of them are trying to get best offers or early-bird prices, but not all of them prefer to plan their travel in advance. Discounts on flight tickets or attractive prices for hotel service can be used as the effective sales promotion campaigns. If you can offer such value added to your potential customers, you can increase sales in your online store.

Sunglasses. This type of product should be considered separately. Sunglasses are present in different areas and the consumer’s behaviour can change constantly depending on this. If we consider the fashion industry, the sunglasses serve not only as eye protection from the sun. They emphasize the style and status.

Offer Free Shipping to Drive Retail eCommerce Sales Without Going Broke

There is no question that offering free shipping will boost your online conversion rates but how can you offer it in retail eCommerce without going broke? If you are not careful with your approach, offering free shipping is going to kill your profit margins and very soon, you might find yourself operating your business at a loss.

However, there are many ways in which you can make this profitable in retail eCommerce. By following some tried and tested techniques by leading eCommerce businesses that offer lots of free shipping on their sales, you will be able to maximize on your profits while accruing lots of sales and new customer acquisitions with your competitive edge. Businesses that offer free shipping on their products eventually see 15-30% boost in their net profits.

When offering, you need to think carefully about the risks versus potential rewards for your eCommerce business. Free shipping is generally a psychological persuasion strategy that works best for retail eCommerce business. It is going to have a positive impact on your order value, quantities, customer loyalty and your value proposition as a business.

Here are some strategies on how you can offer free shipping on your eCommerce store and still stay profitable:

Setup a Shipping Threshold

If you want to offer free shipping and still operate within margins, then you have to increase your threshold. You have to “force” your customers to spend more money on your eCommerce store in order to qualify which in turn leads to a massive boost on your sales volumes as well as profitability. For example, Give them, if order value goes beyond Rs. 300 or more on your store. You can even apply multiple shipping thresholds for various product categories. For example, spend more than Rs. 500 on vegetables & fruits or Rs.1000 on bakery products and

Empower Your Customers With Image-Based Search Engines

The Power of Visuals

Oft repeated but yet true, “a picture is worth a thousand words” correctly signifies the power of visual images in the eCommerce industry. As more and more retailers are developing new strategies to connect with customers over a wide range of hand-held devices, visual-search engines are being touted as the next-big thing. In the eCommerce space, visual search reads images to identify color, shape, and size and even text to identify brand and product names. Such a search offers a great advantage over keyword-matched search, in which search results are only as good as the user’s ability to describe an item. With the impatient buyer wanting to make a quick purchase and move on, describing details or characteristics of a product is time consuming. In this fast moving world, isn’t it then more convenient for the shopper to just take a picture, upload it on the image-based search engine and let the engine do the job?

The Algorithm Behind Image-based Search

So how does image-based search technology work? As an image search engine is intended to find an image, the search can be based on keywords, an image, or a link to an image. Content based Image Retrieval or CBIR as it is popularly known, incorporates vision techniques to identify images based on colors, shapes, and proportions. The results depend on search criteria such as metadata, the components of the image or the search technique that the browser uses:

• Image search by classification is based on comparison of metadata associated with the image as keywords, tags, text, or description and is obtained as a set of images sorted by relevance. The metadata associated with each image can reference the title of the image, format, resolution, color, etc. However, such a method of search does not always

Online Order Fulfillment Services Make eCommerce Easy

Online order fulfillment services are one of the latest developments in the evolution of eCommerce and online shopping. Traditional brick and mortar stores are finding it more and more difficult to compete with online stores for two simple reasons, price and convenience. eCommerce based shopping experiences are designed to allow customers to find and purchase their products without employee assistance, thus creating a situation where consumers can shop at any time of the day or night. Due to the fact that there are no hours when the business is closed, consumers can shop at their leisure. For the same reason of having no employees and physical spaces that must be paid for, prices that need to be charged in order for en eCommerce merchant to be profitable are far lower than traditional stores. The same amount of profit can be seen on each sale with the end-price that is paid by the consumer being significantly less.

While this may seem like the ultimate system that will make traditional retail locations a thing of the past, it is now becoming apparent that prices can be driven down even more through the elimination of the fulfillment warehouses and employees. Although an eCommerce business exists in a virtual space, there is still the necessity of hiring and managing employees and running a warehouse space that is either owned or rented by the business. These physical aspects of the shopping experience were seemingly unavoidable until online order fulfillment services were born. Through a software program that communicates with the onsite shopping cart software, the orders that are placed by customers are routed to a third-party facility that houses the business inventory (along with other business’ inventory) and utilizes an employee base of it’s own to process those orders and arrange for shipping to the

How to Stay Competitive in the Era of Easy eCommerce

The growth of the digital economy has opened up many new opportunities for starting a business online. Ten minutes spent creating a profile on eBay, Etsy, or Amazon, and anyone can get their products in front of hundreds of millions of active consumers who are already shopping and ready to buy. As a result of these booming online sales platforms, eCommerce consulting experts are constantly promoting the ease in which anyone can enter and succeed in the online marketplace.

Online Retail Has Never Looked Easier

Many eCommerce retailers state that the reason they started an eComm business was due to the low barrier to entry, as compared with an offline business. Although an eComm business can have just as many elements, expenses, and difficulties as an offline business, it can typically be started with a very minimal budget and then scaled up to a volume that can rival offline stores.

The basic elements of online retail are comprised of:

  1. Finding a product which is already in demand, at least to some degree.
  2. Finding a manufacturer to produce the product at a low price, allowing the seller room to mark it up for a profit.
  3. Getting that product listed on the selling platform and positioned where potential buyers can see it.
  4. Replenishing inventory and handling customer service issues.

Too Many Sellers Can Create A Race To The Bottom

However, the disadvantage with selling commodities online is that new entrants tend to drive prices to the bottom. The very factors that make eCommerce easy for a beginner are the same factors that make it easy for competitors to start flooding the market. If a market becomes saturated with the same product, the most rational thing to do (from a seller’s perspective) is to lower its price. This can work in the short run when the cost of goods can be

Top 5 Things You Should Do for the SEO of Your E-Commerce Website

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is one of the most popular techniques used to increase the ranking of your website on search engines including Google, Yahoo, and Bing, etc. No doubt, every online marketer wants to increase the ranking of their website. But what if you don’t know the tips and tricks that help you to gain the top position on any search engine? No matter, you are about to start a new site or want to increase the ranking of the existing site, you must be well aware of things you should do for SEO. Don’t be confused, read the below points that help you to clear all your doubts.

You should do…

Choose the best platform: One of the important things you should do is choose the right platform for your website and focus on it. There are so many options out there to choose from, but always choose the one, which suits your e-commerce website needs. After that, you should post attention-grabbing images, videos or content with a long tail rich density keyword to attract the customers. Make sure, to be creative with your post and show your brand reputation.

You should post a blog: Blogging is one of the easiest ways to grab the attention of your visitor and it is also an important part of a content marketing strategy. And rich density keyword content is easily crawled by the web spiders, which in result helps to improve your site ranking. So, you should post a blog on your website related to your product and services, which increases the knowledge of your readers and give them a reason to come back.

Backlink relevant sites: If you truly want to increase the ranking of your website so, you should link to other relevant websites. Engaging with the mover and shaker

A Complete Guide to Freelance Blogging

Freelance blogging is a great way to earn money from blogs. Many bloggers today on the internet are willing to pay to have someone blog on their behalf. Through it is not a passive income source; you can really make good amount of money from it. Also, it can take some time to produce and write good and quality articles.

At the beginning of your freelance blogging career, you’ll get paid around $ 10.00 for each post you create. This is the most common price for the article. But as you build a reputation you can earn more than 10 times than that price for the each article you create as a freelance blogger.

Things to Know at the Beginning

The first thing you should know before even looking for a Freelancing job is a satisfaction you’re getting with it. It’s not all about making money from it at the beginning; it’s actually a fun thing to do especially if you enjoy writing.

You should also have patience for this. Yes, at the beginning you’ll earn less dollars per article you write, but as your popularity and performances goes up – you’ll actually get these jobs much more quickly.

Promote yourself

The best way to find writing jobs are through your own blog audience, of course, this is recommended for the beginners. You may also create a page saying you’re available to hire. Also, you would put a price for your work and that depends on you of course. Those people who already read your blog or a website are the potential hirers of you.

There’re so many other ways where you can get hired. I’d also recommend you to post descriptive and helpful posts on forums you regularly visit. This way you can build-up a thrust and others would like to hire you. Also, you might

5 Features That Absolutely Need to Be a Part of Your Blog Design

These days it seems that just about every business has a blog, so what are you doing to help your business’s blog stand apart from the crowd?

Good blog design is one of the best ways to separate your brand from the competition; however, everyone seems to have an opinion of what a well-designed blog looks like. We recommend letting the user experience drive how you design your blog, placing emphasis on the ease of navigation.

With this in mind, here are 5 design features that absolutely need to be a part of your business blog:

1. Visually Appealing, Yet Clear Website Navigation.

The best small business blogs out there embrace object-based navigation, which essentially spells out the site’s navigation like a table of contents, making it extremely easy for the user to find the type of content that he or she is looking for.

2. Search Bar.

Trust me, your audience does not want to take the time to scour your website to find the content that they are looking for. Including a search bar in your blog design is not only considerate, but makes it extremely easy for site visitors to find the content that they are looking for and enhances the overall user experience.

3. RSS and Twitter Count.

Are you proud of the following that your blog currently has? Then you’ll want to be sure to show this off on your site. This can be a powerful way to show third party validation, helping to make your business blog more credible in the eyes of your audience. Smashing Magazine does a great job showing off their RSS and Twitter count in a fun, aesthetically pleasing way.

4. Highlight Popular Posts.

If you use WordPress as your blogging platform, there are a number of plug-ins that you can incorporate into your blog’s design that can provide